SF Motors

When SF Motors asked us to help share their extraordinary new project with the world, we were both honored and excited. Their new line of artificially-intelligent electric vehicles promised to be revolutionary, and we wanted to give them all the attention they deserved.

car ui reveal 2 (00260).jpg


Our assignment was to create a multi-tiered global launch campaign that would demonstrate, amongst other things, the advanced learning capabilities of these exceptional vehicles. 


The Icon

Using print, web design, advanced modeling, packaging, animation and photography we assembled a series of creative solutions that brought out not only the distinctive stylishness of these EVs, but their unique ability to actively learn from their drivers.


End product

Using these varied approaches, our campaign created an overarching vision of SF Motors’s remarkable blend of power, elegance and technological superiority.


The headlight design is an iconic part of this EV, so whenever we featured this element we energized the SF Motors’ branding colors with a vital pulse of energy. We then presented the client with a variety of subtle variations. The final image was printed on a 20 ft. high poster for the launch event.


Understanding SF Motors core values was, of course, an important part of developing the site. After workshopping with the company, we embraced three words—Intelligent, Connected, Electric—that came to symbolize the spine of the project.  ICE, as these combined concepts came to be known, influenced every aspect of design, from the way we visualized the complexity of the navigation system to the choice of fonts.